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i'm so stoked you're here and i can't wait to get to know you! let me break the ice.

incase you couldn't tell by my impeccable taste in old school hip hop, i'm a hardcore 90's kid (also a millennial and proud of it)! i grew up in the most perfect little town in the upper peninsula of michigan, surrounded by natural beauty in every direction. i spent my childhood winters ice skating on lake superior and frolicking through fields of oxeye daisies in the summers. it's those moments that inspire me; the deep feeling of nostalgia - a time when life was simple. simple and beautiful.

my whole being is deeply rooted in nostalgia. while i gravely enjoy my life in the present and am excited for my future, it's the past that fuels my fire. i've always been obsessed with all things vintage and it wasn't until recently that i understood why. it's because vintage things tell a story. each item in my home has a memory attached to it. every piece of clothing in my closet has been worn by somebody else. every vinyl i play once fell on the ears of some teenager, dancing along in their living room. there's something so special about it, and all my life i've wanted to capture those stories and put them in a bottle to revisit them on a rainy day. then i discovered photography.

photography allows us to hold on to those memories. it ignites something inside that transports us back to those exact moments in time. even more, we can physically hold those memories in our hands which is amazing! without photography, so many moments would be lost in time -- and that's why i do what i do.

oh hey der!

jk, it's christy (she/her)

let me introduce myself

my name is humpty, pronounced with a umpty

fancy seein' you here!

photos by Riah Beth Photo

let's be friends

i'm obsessed. with music. i'm pretty much into all decades and all genres - 70's psychedelic rock, 80's electropop, 90's country, 2000's hip hop.. you name it, i probably love it. music, like photography, transports me to another place. it's one of the things that is most nostalgic for me. certain songs remind of a specific moment in time and that is so powerful. so tell me your fav artist or playlist and i'll play it at our session!

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thrifting is my self care. i love the thrill of the hunt and the rush i get when i find something great. it gives me the ability to express myself in a way that you can't do with cookie-cutter box store items. from vintage clothing, to the most epic mid century furniture.. if you come to my house you'll probably be saying "dang, she's got such interesting style"... and tbh that's the way i like it.


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i am a scorpio and i feel that to my core. i'm passionate, persistent, strategic, and fearlessly curious. i'm drawn to the unsolved and mysterious like a moth drawn to a flame. i love witchy things, the paranormal, true crime and all things spooky. i wish that every day was halloween and not just because it's my birthday.


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my little family has a biggg piece of my heart. we have our first born, our sweet fur babe, pepper - the most lovable black lab on the face of the earth... and this past september she upgraded to 'big sis' after i gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby boy. it's because of him that i decided to take a deeper look at myself and my business. he reminded me that i need to slow down, to stop caring what others think and to listen to my heart when it comes to the work that i create and share with the world. who knew a little baby could teach you so much?! 


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in 2013, i graduated from northern michigan university with my BFA in photography. it was there that i met the love of my life - a rugged outdoorsman named eric who taught me that it's okay to get your hands a little dirty sometimes. he pushed me to follow my dreams and supports me every step of the way. without him, i likely wouldn't have had the guts to pursue photography and i certainly wouldn't have made it a career, so thanks for that eric. 


so you want to
know more, eh?


randi + ryan t.

i can’t say enough good things about oxeye photo. their flexibility and unique captures of every moment was breathtaking. we would hire them over and over again!

Rosemary + ryan

christy made us feel so comfortable during our mini session and we love the pictures. they are so natural and real.

Celina + tom

i had such an amazing experience with christy, the owner of oxeye photo. it was my first experience having professional photos taken and she made my partner and i feel so comfortable, all of the pictures looked so natural! her work is exceptional and I could not be happier with how our pictures turned out. i would definitely recommend oxeye photography to anyone for any special occasion. i will for sure be reaching out in the future! check out oxeye photo on instagram and facebook to see her work!

nicole l.

such a talented photographer! so wonderful to work with. highly recommend!

bri + marco d.

could not recommend christy colbrook more! she was very communicative prior and made two camera shy people feel natural. by the end of the ceremony she felt like a guest. the photos look amazing, don't waste your time on anyone else!!

Melissa + joe j.

christy is amazing!! she did our first family photos and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! she made us feel super comfortable and got the cutest pictures of our little guy!! thanks again christy!

abbie + andrew h.

christy did an AMAZING job with our engagement photos. she knew exactly what to do to get great pictures. she also got our sneak peak and photos done in a timely manner. i would definitely recommend her for any event!

carly + jeff v.

could not have imagined better family photos! christy did an amazing (and SO speedy) job! my grumpy kid and our slightly sketchy path to the river’s edge didn’t deter her from capturing pictures we will enjoy for a lifetime. 

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